Clyckmedia is an agency specializing in branding based in the lovely city of Rosario, Argentina. We are a tight-knit family of interdisciplinary professionals passionate about technology and creativity with more than 15 years of experience, who thrive on challenges and have open and sincere collaboration with customers.

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Our past clients, with whom we have had the pleasure of working with, vary from medium and large companies to entrepreneurs. By working with us, you can consider us part of your company. We analyze what you do, how, when, why and for whom you do it.

We create, organize and manage content that makes you more dominant in the digital space. Through transparent communication and modern marketing strategies, we promote your brand and challenge it to grow.

our team

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Agustina Boutonnet

community manager

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Sebastián Cairo

founder - creative director

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Martín Boutonnet

founder - ceo

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Federico Wernicke

print production director

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Gastón Boutonnet

graphic designer

our clients